Harvey Cusworth‘s award winning art career began as early as junior high school, where he won the Gold Key award for outstanding artist. This was the catalyst that propelled him towards a life long career in the art world. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree (illustration and graphic design) from Brigham Young University and went on to receive a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a painting and drawing emphasis from California State University, Long Beach. His work during this time began to explore the beauty of familiar and found objects, a thread of emphasis that strings throughout much of his work. He also became a master architectural glass artist, and his exquisite work has been exhibited at the Pacific Design Center in Beverly Hills as well as the late Cinerama in Hollywood. His artwork has won many awards in various juried shows; most recently, he won Best of Show in the Foundation for Education of the Arts exhibition. He has also been recognized in his home city of Thousand Oaks, where he won the Purchase Award for painting. Among other awards, Harvey received First Place for graphic design work and Honorable Mention for the cover competition in Print magazine, a highly regarded art publication. Throughout his career, he has also done freelance portraiture and has taught art in public and private settings.

Harvey specializes in Plein Air style painting reminiscent of impressionism. He uses oil paint as his primary medium with the goal of capturing colors revealed through California’s unique light. He focuses particularly on composition and design, combining these elements to create his own expressive visual statement – reflecting the moment in time.

As an artist working in the southern California area, the influence of light and color has been important to me in the development of my work. The way light interacts with subject matter has become my primary focus. Such interactions suggest patterns created by light and shadow which provide the basis for my compositional arrangements. My goal is to utilize the design and color suggested by these patterns in order to create a powerful visual impact. I wish to communicate what I perceive to be the most essential in the subject matter before me. I believe this to be the basis for creating a moving visual experience.

I work in oil and acrylic on board which allows me to create the dynamic brushstroke I wish to use in my work. I also create Giclee fine art prints of my work in which I attempt to reproduce the same intensity of color and brilliance found in the original work.

In your travels around the site please take time see my recent work. I’ve attempted to combine in these these pieces the sense of light, as well as a contemplative focus on a simple object in interior space.